3D Printing Professional and Educational Services

Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D Printing Technology to bring comfort and care to pediatric patients

We have successfully used the proven techniques of habituation, exposure therapy, and desensitization therapy to alleviate undue stress and enhance the well-being of pediatric patients. Our HEAL3D initiatives were successfully employed at major hospitals including Children’s Specialized Hospital, St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian, and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

We aim to connect charitable emerging technology enthusiasts to the pediatric patient community in order to make the journey of the patients more comfortable and volunteer efforts of those helping out more meaningful. PromoAmbitions vows to periodically donate 3D printed toys and/or resources to impoverished pediatric centers that do not have the means to pay for our services. We rise by lifting the spirits of others.

Motivational Toys

Helping the pediatric patients feel more optimistic, hopeful, and aware that outsiders care for their well-being and are rooting for them!

Desensitization Toys

Serving the purpose of easing the medical phobias of the pediatric patients Through proven psychological principals. 

Custom-made Toys

Serving the purpose of providing comfort, happiness, and a more entertaining environment for the pediatric patients.

Educational Toys

Assisting pediatric patients in better understanding their unique medical procedures, while easing their fears through interaction.

3D Printing Educational Workshops

We provide interactive, educational 3D Printing technology workshops at schools, gifted programs, and libraries in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. We custom-tailor our technology workshops to the age and interest of the attendees. We dive deep into how all the various ways 3D Printing is applied in the real world (including the medical field, innovation, assembly lines, housing structures, cars, food, health & wellness, etc.). We let the participants interact with real-life prints of various materials so that they have a firm understanding of how it all works and the capabilities of this emerging technology. 

We then teach the students how to design on a very user-friendly 3D printing design platform. Afterwards, the participants get to keep working on their designs for a few weeks. They then have the option to submit their design files to us and we 3D Print and deliver them! These workshops iare our way of inspiring the next generation of 3D Printing enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. We’re grateful to all those who make this meaningful work for us possible. 

3D Printing Technology Education Workshops
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