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How did AGS Materials & Supply of North Jersey grow from a one truck operation 20 years ago, to a buzzing 50+ fleet with over 700 satisfied customers? The recipe was not built on ‘luck’, but rather a clear vision, grueling effort, and repeated excellence.

The trucking industry is not your typical startup…

We’ve been involved in a few different industries, and we can tell you that the trucking business is a tumultuous one at best and it takes a lot of shrewd minds and willingness to adapt, as well as the capability to solve the unexpected challenges. Those who are able to handle that and adapt with the times are the ones who make it and that is what the team behind AGS Materials & Supply stands for. They’re a family owned business that surrounded themselves with a healthy balance of savvy business personnel and highly qualified trucking professionals. 

The ability of the team to deal with a lot of wheels spinning at the same time both literally and figuratively, and at the same time provide quality services and offer top-of-the-line products is what separates them from the competition. As the demand for their services grew, they have added more seasoned professionals and specialized service to their business model and quickly became one of the top rated trucking companies in the industry. They offer a wide array of unique services and products for all seasons. Some of the offerings AGS Materials & Supply is best known for in Bergen County, Rockland County, and Orange County New York are as follows…

How they’ve created a competitive advantage in the North Jersey trucking industry…

They work around the clock to maintain their customer’s 100% satisfaction rate and understand that a loyal customer base is the lifeblood of the business. The team is also fluent in and has worked in landscaping, construction, engineering, commercial and residential development, etc. so they understands the importance of adhering to a specific budget and timeline. They have built their competitive advantage around unparalleled logistics and flexibility in the space. They do not make promises they cannot keep and the honesty and grit of the Wallace family is what makes us pleased to be aligned with them.

Witnessing AGS Materials & Supply LLC expand and become a leader in the space has been a great inspiration to us at PromoAmbitions. We’re grateful to them for allowing us to expand into new industries and we’d love to give back by referring clients, so if you have a business that can use any of their trucking services, please let us know or reach out to them directly by filling out this form

AGS Materials & Supply LLC
342 W Oakland Ave, Oakland, NJ 07436
(201) 512-0001

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