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Th decision to evolve the brand to La Parea to stay aligned…

Samanta Moise has successfully cultivated a devoted customer base and a recognizable brand both locally with her health and beauty shop and nationally via her online store, Amazon shop, Etsy, etc. Thanks to her passion-filled relentless work ethic and loyal consumers, La Pixie Wellness was able to grow their product line year-over-year to address the needs of mothers and families all over the country. With the evolution of new products effectively addressing today’s health/beauty needs, it has come time for the brand to evolve as well. La Pixie Wellness has officially rebranded to La Parea Wellness!

This is an exciting transformation that will allow there to be better alignment between the company and their product line and Samanta has new developments and milestones coming up this year which she will reveal in due time on her Instagram page. Rest assured though, regardless how much La Parea is growing, Samanta always puts quality and efficacy of her product line as an absolute number one priority. I’ve worked with many eCommerce entrepreneurs over the years and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Samanta Moise is the most passionate and meticulous about her products and her craft.

Why La “Parea” Wellness?

Parea comes from Greek culture and often refers to a group of friends who often meet to share their philosophies on life with the goal of bettering one another. This type of mutually beneficial camaraderie that helps to build trust and long-lasting friendships is the embodiment of the core mission statement at La Parea. Enriching the quality of life for others and enhancing their overall well-being is what keeps Samanta and her team motivated and fulfilled. 

The influence…

As an entrepreneur myself, I feed off of the energy of others and one of my favorite things about working with La Parea is the motivation and inspiration I derive from it. A lot of people shy away from change; stepping away from what is familiar and making strategic changes can be a scary endeavor. However, Samanta always leans into new necessary challenges with conviction and puts forth unparalleled effort. Watching Samanta grow her business fearlessly gives encouragement and permission to other business owners like myself to continue to evolve.

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