Photography and Videography

Exterior Photography

The exterior footage of your property can act as a powerful first impression of your business.
We make sure you’re represented in the best light possible literally and figuratively!

Corporate Photography and Videography

Multimedia for corporations and small to mid-size businesses is more important now than ever. From company website and Google Business Profile to social media content, captivating multimedia content proves to be a very useful tool in presenting the business in a favorable way to clients. We have experience with medical offices, hospitals, accounting offices, real estate offices, etc. The professional portrait photos representing your business can be seen thousands of time and act as a first impression for potential clients reaching out and we take this responsibility very seriously. 

Product Photography

We use our product photography skills to make your products stand out in a vibrant and favorable way. 
Whether you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop for promotional social media usage, or a white background for Amazon use, we got you covered!

Event Photography and Videography

When the sun goes down, our fascination with nighttime photography continues. Although we have vast experience shooting daytime events, we love low-light captures. Our understanding of lighting and movement allows us to capture powerful, memorable moments which evoke the intended feeling of our clients. 

Virtual Video Tours

We help our clients by creating affordable, engaging video tours of their facilities. 
This takes the guesswork out of a prospective client’s idea for the feel of the space and the environment.

Why Choose PromoAmbitions for your Photography and Videography needs?

We have a diversified skillset and we combine strategy and photography/videography expertise to provide you with superior a superior product. 
Referrals from our loyal customers is the lifeblood of our business model and that is why we work tirelessly around the clock to to exceed expectations and remain the best choice for your multimedia needs in the North Jersey and New York City region.