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Cash App & Square Q2 Earnings Breakdown and Future Implications

There is an abundance of emotional buying and selling occurring in the stock market due to the world-wide panic from the pandemic. It’s during times like these that you can actually apply logic and common sense to your investment decisions and potentially get ahead.

I have been using Square’s payment processing software and hardware ever since the inception of my business. I have recommended them to colleagues, clients, and business partners and all users I know of are very pleased. I’ve also been grateful to the returns I made as an investor especially as of late. Square has proven to be one of the more pandemic recession-proof publically traded companies out there. 

Many are not aware of the many service offerings of Square such as their e-commerce platforms, cryptocurrency involvement, marketing tools, etc. and some are not even aware that the Cash App is owned by Square! With highly impressive Q2 earnings just announced where the company blew past estimates and rewarded its investors, I figured I’d make the first episode of ‘The Bears, The Bulls, & The Bats’ dedicated to a deep dive into the company and its future projections, as well as how their competition has been faring as of late on the financial market exchanges.

***Disclaimer: This article/video is based merely on opinions and should be used for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial advisor. 

The Bears, The Bulls, & The Bats Episode 1

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