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‘Social Distancing’ does not necessarily mean ‘Social Isolation’…

Creating cohesiveness among employees at a company via team-building activities is great for solidarity and rapport which is especially important during this Coronavirus quarantine situation. After some of our clients reached out for ideas on activities for teleconferencing ‘happy hour’, we thought of a quality idea which was was successfully executed by some of the companies we work with. The response was so positive that we wanted to share it with the rest of you, so much so that we’re typing this up at 1 AM on a Thursday!

Since this is a very tricky time for many, especially those prone to anxiety and depression,  we wanted to put an encouraging and uplifting spin on things and so we thought of a Virtual Campfire of Optimism. The way it’s played is, you ask questions where the individuals have to think of the positive side of today’s predicaments before they answer and then select who answers the questions next. Now before you roll your eyes, look through the following questions and you’ll see why it’ll make for some interesting discussions and also lift the spirits of those team members that may be in the dumps…

  • What did you realize you’re most grateful for during this quarantine time?
  • What is something that you got to do during this time that you enjoyed, that you otherwise would not have had the chance to do?
  • Were you able to reconnect with someone that you haven’t heard from in a while, and what was nice about that interaction
  • What are some things you did during these past few weeks that you are proud of?
  • What new healthy perspectives do you think will come from this when all of this is over?
  • Have you been practicing a new or old skill, that you typically don’t have time for during regular, busy times?
  • What is the thing you are most looking forward to doing when this is all over?
  • Once it’s safe to travel again, where is the first place you wish to go?

There are plenty of online platforms that allow for remote meeting and engagement.
Our top 5 recommended platforms are:

Google Hangouts or Google meet
Skype for Business
Go To Meeting

We wish you and your team a safe, cozy, and productive next few weeks with plenty of opportunities to connect with your team and create harmony among your workforce. 

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